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Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia | Flute lesson

Bollywood is my gharana

Documentary film based on flute legend Hariprasad Chaurasia set to release in April

Bansuri Guru releases in theaters
April 12, 2013 across Mumbai,
Delhi, Bangalore,Pune, Allahabad

PVR Director's Rare and TCS support
Bansuri Guru's All India release,
produced by Films Division

Bansuri Guru screenings planned in
Bhubaneswar in association with
SOA University

Bansuri Guru screenings
planned in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad

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Rajeev Chaurasia
  - Director
Karl Mascarenhas
  - Editor & Assistant    Director
Devashish Ray
  - Sound Designer
C.J.Anil Kumar
  - Director of
Rakesh Shitut
  - Motion Graphics &  Designer

C.J.Anil Kumar
- Director of  Photography

  Working as a cinematographer in this film was an extra-ordinary experience. It is not about the film making experience, but the extra ordinary human being I came in contact with. It was a revelation about life itself. No fancy, no grandeur, a simple flute and he opens your heart to happiness and consciousness. It is not often that one gets an opportunity, such as being a part of a film where you soak in more than you can ever get…and I for one have been fortunate.


C.J. Anil Kumar is an experienced cinematographer with a keen interest in shooting non-fiction. He is a graduate in visual communication and cinematography. As a freelancer based in Mumbai, he has shot numerous programs for major broadcasting and production companies, both Indian and International. Apart from films, books and music are close to his heart.